"Baronda" is Ambonese word for "traveling". #BarondaMaluku means traveling in Maluku.

Before the major conflict in 1999, Maluku was known as one of the most favorite holiday destination, not just for Indonesian, but also for foreign visitors. Now, after years of work and recovery from the conflict, once again Maluku is ready to be known as Maluku Manise (translated: Sweet Maluku).

#BarondaMaluku is a project, an idea, a dream. A creative team of ten people which consist of photographers, videographers and bloggers went to Maluku for 6 days (25-30 May 2013) and produce videos, photos and articles/ writen guides. We do this to help people get to know Maluku better and what it offers. We want to bring back Maluku's old title as Maluku Manise.