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Traditional Villages

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Traditional Villages

As a country with over 350 cultural ethnic groups, the cultural diversity of Indonesia deserves to be explored. Discover unique cultures and witness traditional life in Indonesia with a visit to one of the many  traditional local villages where residents maintain indigenous cultures, living just as their ancestors did centuries ago. Spread throughout Indonesia, traditional villages offer the chance to experience something uniquely Indonesian, places where traditional beliefs and rituals, practices still dominate daily life.  The traditional communities and cultural groups who live in these villages still practice their ethnic rituals, customs, produce exotic arts and crafts and wear traditional clothes. The main attraction of these villages is the chance to see and experience distinctive cultures which remain free from influences of modernisation. A visit to a traditional village is an unforgettable experience and offers the rare opportunity to embrace a purely village atmosphere.


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  • “All Time Nias” Surfing at Sorake Bay and Lagundri Beach

    “All Time Nias” Surfing at Sorake Bay and Lagundri Beach

    As far as surfing goes in Indonesia, the Bay of Sorake and Lagundri Beach on Nias island is THE ultimate destination. Nias’ Sorake Bay is an internationally renowned surfing spot, and has become one of surfing’s most exotic wave-searching destinations. Every year, surfers flock from across the globe for a chance at its legendary point break. International surfing competitions have been held in Nias since 1993, and even the World...

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    Location: Sumatra » North Sumatra » Nias

    41 of 41 destinasi