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As a country that is expert in spa treatments, luxury and relaxation that was once been the sole privilege of the aristocracy  has risen to an art in Indonesia. The serene landscapes of the country make it the perfect backdrop for your rejuvenation and escape from the daily grind. Take the opportunity to recharge your body and soul with a visit to some one of the world’s best spas, in Bali, Java and Jakarta . From massages and meditations, to facials and body scrubs, a spa is guaranteed to offer something to help you relax. Indonesian spa’s range all the way from secluded hideaways in beautiful natural surrounds to serene parlours tucked away in the streets of big cities. Whichever type of spa you choose, it will be an ideal place to rest your body and soul and forget all about the hectic pace of modern living. Spas are located all around the country with locals swearing by their healing and tranquil practices. Escape from the cares of the world and take the chance to be professionally pampered at an Indonesian spa. It’s guaranteed you won’t regret it.

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  • The Ritz Carlton Bali, Thallasso & Spa

    The Ritz Carlton Bali, Thallasso & Spa

    Beautiful views of sporking Indian Ocean and lush tropical gardens are the setting for the Ritz-Carlton Bali, Thalassa & Spa. The luxurious decor of the private spa villas, suites and rooms, the soft music and fragrant oils pamper the spirit, senses and the body. An unforgettable total spa experience is created as Asian beauty and health treatments are harmoniously combined with European products and modern technology. The spa features the...

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    Location: Bali » Bali, Kab. Badung

    9 of 9 destinasi