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Water Sport

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Water Sport

With over 17,000 islands and a collection of glorious beaches, pristine lakes and rushing rivers unmatched anywhere in the world, Indonesia is the perfect place to take a splash and embrace some exciting water sports.

From hopping on a banana boat in Bali to white water rafting down the rapids of the Alas River in Sumatra to relaxing on the luxurious beach resort on Umang Island, there is no shortage of activities for water enthusiasts.

The crystal clear waters and brilliant sunshine make this an ideal place to try some new and exhilarating activities.

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  • Belitung: The Island beyond the Rainbow

    Belitung: The Island beyond the Rainbow

    Off the eastern coast of Sumatra, flanked by the Gaspar and Karimata Straits, lies an enchanting island with beautiful beaches and fascinating scenery called:  Belitung Island. Its unique landscape, decorated with pearly white sand beaches, crystal clear water, and magnificent granite stone formations on its shallow shores, are some of the best features of the island.   Along with the much larger nearby Bangka Island and other smaller...

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    Location: Sumatra » Bangka Belitung » Kab. Belitung

    41 of 41 destinasi