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Pekande-Kandea: Traditional Buton Meeting and Eating Festivities

Pekande-Kandea is a traditional event organized by the various communities in the Southeast Sulawesi province, in particular on the island of Buton, north of the Wakatobi island chain. The event is held as an opportunity for the young, single people of the villages to meet, socialize freely with each other, and perhaps even find a suitable spouse.

Pekandake-Kandea means meal in the local dialect,

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Cuci Parigi: Magical Tradition of the Banda Island Community

Though the people of Indonesia have for centuries been converted to Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity or Catholicism, which are the main religions in the country, the majority of the population still believes in and uphold some form of ancient traditions once practiced by their ancestors. These traditions are based on the belief in supernatural powers, mythology and myth, and are centered ar

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Pukul Manyapu: The Traditional Broom Fight of Central Maluku

Under the scorching sun at high noon, two groups of young men stand gallantly facing each other. Armed with traditional brooms made from the spines of palm leaves,with a length of  about one and a half meters each, the two groups involved stage  a furious battle. Energized with fast pumping adrenaline, they whip the broom on  their opponents through a variety of fascinating acrobati

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Gawai Dayak: Dayak Tribe Harvest Ceremony in West Kalimantan

There are many ways to express gratitude, one of which being through a series of rituals. Gawai Dayak is an example of this. This routine ritual is from the Dayak tribe around Pontianak, West Kalimantan and has been part of their tradition for many decades now. The essence of this ceremony is as an expression of gratitude to Jubata (God) for the abundant harvest, and also petitioning that the next

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The Lomban Sea Festival in Jepara and Karimunjawa

Sea offering ceremonies are not something uncommon to many of Indonesian societies who inhabit the coastal areas of the many islands. Along  Central Java’s northern coast, the sea offering traditions is celebrated 7 days after the Islamic religious festivities of Eid Al Fitri and is known as Lomban. Although it is celebrated in many towns along Central Java’s northern coastal citi

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The Yadnya Kasada Ceremony at Mt. Bromo

Mount Bromo in the BromoTengger-Semuru National Park in East Java is yet another one of Indonesia’s internationally popular tourist destinations and one of the most visited attractions in East Java. This unique volcanic mountain possesses a magnificent panoramic view and a mystical atmosphere unlike any other. With a cloud of smoke billowing from its crater, and its rugged surface rising hig

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Bali’s Mesmerizing Kecak Dance

The Kecak Dance is an especially unique and possibly the most dramatic of all Balinese dances. A combination of dance and drama, the Kecak dance depicts the Hindu epic, “Ramayana,” that tells the story of Prince Rama, who with the help of the monkey-like Vanara defeats the evil King Ravana to rescue his Princess Sita. Kecak also has roots in Sanghyang, a sacred ritual based on the idea

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Jalani Dhipuja: the Hindu cleansing ritual at Balekambang Beach, Malang

If you think that the fabled island of Bali is the only place to witness the captivating age-old Hindu ritual traditions, you may want to turn your attention to a secluded beach on the south coast of Malang in the province of East Java, called the Balekambang Beach.

Every year, three days before Nyepi, - the Hindu Balinese New Year,  Hindus from around the Malang region (Malang city, Malang R

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“Hajat Laut”, the Annual Sea Offering Ritual Festivities at Pangandaran

During the last Monday or Thursday of the Javanese month of Syura or Muharam in the Islamic calendar, the coast of Pangandaran in the Ciamis Regency of West Java comes alive with vibrant festivities, as fishermen in the area gather for the annual traditional ritual ceremony known as “Hajat Laut”.

Literally translated meaning “Sea Fiesta”, the ceremony is a symbol of gratitud

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The Popular Dramatic Balinese Mask Dance

The Topeng or Mask Dance on the island of Bali is one of the most popular dance-drama loved by the Balinese as it tells about local lore and historical tales of royal lineage performed in scenes of every day life.

The Topeng dance is both entertaining at the same time it instills profound wisdom. It has both slapstick comedy and sophisticated refinement.

Popular comedy and wisdom is presented by the

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