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The Endangered Sumatran Orangutan

Compared to the Borneo Orangutan, there are fewer Sumatran orangutans left in the wild. Today, only an estimated 5,000 are left roaming mostly in the northern primary tropical rainforests of Sumatra, in the Mount Leuser National Park in Aceh and North Sumatra near Lake Toba, and at the breeding grounds in the Bukit Tigapuluh National Park in Jambi and in Riau. Therefore the IUCN has placed these p

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Exquisite translucent LOMBOK SOUTH SEA PEARLS in 27 different shades

Rising in popularity on account of its pristine seas and great surf, the island of Lombok, adjacent to Bali, is now also attracting more visitors for its exquisite South Sea Pearls, farmed in its clear blue-green seas.

These magnificent pearls will be on display and auctioned at the yearly Lombok –Sumbawa Pearls Festival, which this year will be held from 29 June to 1 July 2012 at the Lombo

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Sacred Segara Anak Lake, perennial source of Lombok’s fresh water

Segara Anak on Mt. Rinjani is considered a holy place, and holds a deep, spiritual significance for the local people. Every fifth full moon, religious ceremonies are held at Segara Anak. During the rituals, small gold fish are released into the lake to honour the goddess Enjini, the queen and ruler of Mount Rinjani.

Every five years, there is a larger religious ceremony.Those who attend are not r

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The Karang Lestari Foundation: Artfully Restoring Coral Reefs in Pemuteran Bay

In 2010, there was a flurry on the internet due to a photo documentation of underwater sculptures believed to be part of an ancient temple site. The photo drew massive attention when it was posted on Twitter with a caption mentioning it as proof of the discovery of an ancient underwater archaeological site on the seabed of Pemuteran in Northwest Bali. Paul M. Turley, later known as the photographe

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The Bajau : The Story of the Sea Gypsies around Sulawesi and across Indonesia

The Bajau – also spelled Bajo - are born and live at sea. They have acertain resilience about them, which is most likely due to having the sea as such a large part of their history. This tribe has earned the nickname of the People of the Sea, or the Sea Gypsies, and for good reason. For the most part, they are sustained completely by the ocean, but not stopping there, this tribe lives on the

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Musi Triboatton 2013

This November, the spotlight will shine on the longest running river on Sumatra:  the Musi River as the Musi Triboatton is launched from 26 November to 01 December 2013 in Palembang, capital of the province of South Sumatra.

Combining rafting, canoeing, and traditional boat races, this is a one of a kind event initiated by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to introduce the splendo

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Oukup: Natural Spa and Medicinal Treatment the Batak way

The Batak ethnic groups living in North Sumatra have long realized that nature is not only man’s  main source of life but it also provides precious medicinal cures. Traditional natural treatments – in modern days called Spa – have long been part of daily life in Central Tapanuli, in Sibolga, Simalungun and even on the island of Nias.


Here the Batak traditional Spa

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Cycling into the Heart of Breathtaking Bali

The romantic island of Bali with its natural splendors and cultural marvels is undisputably one of the best places in the world to spend your holiday. While you can enjoy exploring the island in the comfort of an air conditioned car or tour bus, there is nothing that can beat an up close and personal experience when cruising through green paddy fie

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Live Earth Run for Water - Bali


Indonesia Contribution for the Global Movement on Water Crisis Issue

Jakarta, February 2, 2010 Building on the success of the 2007 concerts which took place over the course of 24 hours, on seven continents, featuring 150 artists to raise awareness for the issues and solutions associated Live Earth announces a g

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Trail of Civilization

In 2006, Indonesia hosted the first ‘Trail of Civilization’, a symposium aimed to foster co-operation and the preservation of cultural heritage between Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. These countries declared that their common heritage would be an important vehicle for further preserving and promoting their culture through cultural tourism.

This meeting result

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