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Strange Creatures that inhabit Sulawesi

The Lore Lindu Nature Reserve is a large section of Central Sulawesi that has been set aside as a Wildlife Sanctuary. The park is a protected area which encompasses multiple ecosystems of forests, valleys, swamps and lakes and is home to almost every mammal and bird species on the island. Below are just a few of Central Sulawesi’s most unique and fascinating endemic creatures.

These strange

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Mt. Batur Geopark in Bali now included in UNESCO Global Geopark Network

The 11th European Geopark Conference held in Arouca, Portugal from 19 – 21 September has agreed to recognize the exotic island of Bali’s volcanic area around Mt. Batur as member of the Global Geopark Network.

Batur Global Geopark , centered around the active Batur  volcano is located in northeast Bali, between  two round calderas,  large volcanic craters that formed about

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Saving the beautiful Hawksbill Sea Turtles on Pramuka Island

While beautiful beaches and captivating sceneries are most associated with Jakarta’s Thousand Islands, this island chain also houses some of the most fascinating creatures of the ocean. On the beautiful tiny Pramuka Island, the critically endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtles have found sanctuary and welcome visitors who wish to participate in its conservation program.

With the scientific name E

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At the Raja Ampat Festival the islands display their Best cultural and natural splendors

Eeach year around the month of October, the unspoilt splendors of the Raja Ampat archipelago are presented to the world through the Raja Ampat Festival.

Staged at the charming coastal town of Waisai, capital of the Raja Ampat district, the Festival continues to be an essential program of the regional government of Raja Ampat to promote this fascinating underwater paradise, pristine natural enviro

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Dive with Giant Manta Rays in the Tropical Waters of Derawan

Although there is an abundance of beautiful tropical fish among the waters of the Derawan Archipelago, there is one species that is not as easily found. This is the giant Manta Ray. Indonesia is blessed with several locations where these particular giant creatures have made their home. One of the best locations to dive and swim along with these magnificent rays is at Pulau Sangalaki, in the Derawa

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The Exquisite Bali Starling songbird

The Bali Starling, (Leucopsar Rothschild,) also known as the Rothschild’s Mynah or Bali Mynah, and locally called Jalak Bali is a critically endangered species, endemic to the island of Bali. Today in the wild these very rare birds can be found only in the West Bali National Park and at Nusa Penida.

Arguably the most beautiful of all Mynahs, the Bali Starling is easily recognized by its pur

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The Flightless Cassowary, Shy but Intimidating

Of the 1,500 species of birds in the abundant wildlife of Raja Ampat, there is one large flightless yet intimidating bird that many of us may find quite fascinating – the Cassowary.  

Of the three living species of Cassowary, the Southern Cassowary or Double-wattled Cassowary is found here in Indonesia namely, in Papua and the Seram and Aru Islands of the Moluccas. It is the world’

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Trekking up Mt. Inerie’s stunning volcanic cone near Bajawa, Flores

Next to climbing Mt. Kelimutu to view its unique three-colored lakes, the other most popular volcanic challenge on Flores  is the still active Mt. Inerie near the town of Bajawa in the district of Ngada, the traditional center of Flores.  

Mt.Inerie is a perfect triangular pyramid-shaped volcano, where, viewed from its summit the mountain casts a perfect triangular shadow over the valle

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Klotok : River Boat to Tanjung Puting National Park

Since the Tanjung Puting National Park in Central Kalimantan is situated quite deep inland on the island of Borneo, the only means to reach the Park is by river boat, which is called : Klotok.


To reach the Park, visitors must first fly to Pangkalan Bun, located on the west side of Central Kalimantan, then take a 20 minutes drive to the town of Kumai on Kumai Bay. In Kumai, quite a number

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Raja Ampat, first to enact 4.6 million hectares Shark and Manta Marine Sanctuary

The district government of Raja Ampat, dubbed “the Underwater Paradise on Earth”  located at the western tip of West Papua’s Bird’s Head, has enforced the protection of sharks, manta rays, dugongs, turtles and aquarium fish over a 4.6 million hectares sanctuary. The regional bylaw No. 5 of 2012 was launched Wednesday, 20 February 2013, reports Kompas daily.



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