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Restoring the precious 8th Century Dieng Temples

Since August 2012 when archaelogists discovered a gaping hole of 2 meters underneath the temple of Bima, the temple has been cordoned off for restoration.  

Bima is one of eight small temples in the Arjuna temple complex that dot the surreal landscape of the Dieng Plateau in Central Java, located some 2,093 meters above sea level. Built between 750 AD to 809 AD , the Dieng temples are the ol

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Grebeg Besar Festival in Demak

Annually, every 10 Dzulhidjah according to the Islamic Calendar, on the Islamic religious day of Eid Al Adha, the town of Demak in Central Java revives its former glory as an important Cradle in the spread of Islam on Java through the Grebeg Besar festivities

In the Javanese language, Grebeg means to be assembled or gather and Anggrebeg is a term used for a procession of the King and royal family

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The Hindu Kaharingan Faith of the Dayaks and Local Wisdom to preserve precious Rainforests

Among the many tribes of Dayaks in Borneo, those living in the upper reaches of the rivers in the province of Central Kalimantan are the Dayak Ngaju, the Lawangan, the Ma’anyan and the Ot Danum, known as the Barito Dayaks, named after the large Barito river.


Among these, the most dominant are the Ngaju, who inhabit the Kahayan river basin by the present city of Palangkaraya.  T

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Pasola Jousting Festival

This is a most exciting Jousting Festival where opposing teams run into each other on horseback, saddle-less, throwing blunt spears to each other to unseat or hurt their opponents or horses. Fallen men or horses may not be attacked, but any blood flowing is believed to fertilize the soil and benefit the next harvest.

The Pasola ritual is an ancient war game between two groups of 100 men from the

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Talempong: the harmonic melody of West Sumatra

While the majestic view of the Sianok Gorge in the highlands of Bukittinggi may indulge the sight, and the distinct taste of Padang cuisine certainly defines the taste of the Minangkabau ethnic group , so the harmony of West Sumatra can only be felt through the melodic sounds of the Talempong.

Talempong is a musical instrument consisting of several small kettle gongs that resemble the Javanese Bo

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The Graceful Gong Dance of the Dayak

If tattoos and Mandau Blades are symbols of the ethnic Dayak ‘s courage and manhood, the indigenous inhabitants of the island of Borneo, and in particular the Dayak Kenyah in East Kalimantan express their gracefulness through the beautiful art of the Gong Dance.


This special dance is usually performed to welcome guests of honor or to celebrate the birth of a chieftain’s baby.

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Tari Piring: The Dramatic Plate Dance of the Minangkabau

The scrumptious Padang cuisine may be the most indulging taste served on West Sumatra’s plates, but the most astounding thing the Minangkabau can work on their plates is through the dramatic performance of Tari Piring or the Plate Dance.


Locally known as Tari Piriang (Minangkabau language for Plate), the attractive dance originates from the city of Solok, about 60Km east of Padang,

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Tari Payung: the Parasol dance of Minangkabau

Music and Dance are an inseparable part of the Minangkabau ethnic culture of West Sumatra. For  royal events or grand celebrations there is the dramatic Tari Piring or the Plate Dance; for folk festivities there is the fascinating Dance-Drama of Randai; and to symbolize romance between couples , which is frequently performed during wedding celebrations, there  is the unique Tari Payung o

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Saluang: The soothing Bamboo Flute of Minangkabau

From various captivating traditional dances such as Tari Piring (the plate dance) and Tari Pasambahan to the fascinating art of Randai, the Minangkabau ethnic group of West Sumatra has truly some of the most attractive cultural performances of the country. The Minangkabau also have their own distinct musical melodies that perfectly portray their dynamic daily life: the vibrant ensemble of the Tale

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The Graceful Pakarena Dance from Makassar

From the enchanting waters overlooking the capital city of Makassar up to the highland of Toraja, South Sulawesi is a land blessed with fascinating splendors. While nature provides the magnificent settings, the indigenous people present an equally fascinating culture.  One of the well preserved cultural traditions of South Sulawesi takes shape in the Pakarena Dance.


Originated from t

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