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Samudera Raksa: A Trip Back in Time

Imagine being a merchant centuries ago, sailing between Africa and Indonesia, facing the treacherous ocean on your way to a new and exotic land. That’s exactly what the crew of the Samudra Raksa got to experience when they sailed to Madagascar and West Africa in 2003-2004 as part of the Borobudur Ship Expedition.

The expedition on the Samudera Raksa was designed to recreate the ancient tradin

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Ramayana Ballet: A Masterpiece of Dance

The Ramayana ballet tells the story of a legendary epic, presented in a series of graceful dance movements accompanied by gamelan music – an orchestra of traditional Javanese instruments. For those who enjoy cultural displays, this is a splendid performance that is not to be missed. The ballet brings together different aspects of traditional Javanese culture with dance, drama, music and cost

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The Sonobudoyo Museum

With a collection of precious artifacts and relics which would impress any archeologist, the Sonobudoyo Museum is a treasure trove of ancient wonders. Home to objects including ceramics from the Neolithic age, statues and bronze articles from the 8th century, and wayangs (shadow puppets), the museum presents a cultural display that will open your mind to the wonders of Javanese culture.

The Sonobu

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The beautifully intricate and bright textiles produced by the Minangkabau people are famous throughout Indonesia. West Sumatra has a reputation for exquisite hand-loomed cloth.

The fabrics produced here are known as ‘kain songket’. Songket weaving uses gold and silver threads to create a pattern on silk or cotton material.  The patterns on these cloths are often inspired from natu

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Tour De Singkarak: Too Thrilling to Miss

After the success of the first Tour de Singkarak in 2009, Indonesia will hold the second international cycling event, starting on June 1st. It'll be livelier with more participants, longer routes and bigger prizes.

Twenty teams and three hundred guest cyclists will be coming from overseas, pitted against fifteen teams from across Indonesia. The route will span up to six regencies, covering up

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Jakarta’s Popular Theme Parks

For a comprehensive glimpse of Indonesia visit the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, or the Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park, located in East Jakarta, accessible via the toll road. The Park displays original Indonesian houses from throughout the archipelago, all with their unique architectural style. Here is also an Imax theatre, showing spectacular 3D films. Orchid lovers should not miss the Orchi

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Among the Gods at Dieng Plateau

The name ‘dieng’ which literally translates as ‘abode of the Gods’ says all you need to know about this collection small ancient temples set in the  remarkable volcanic landscape of the Dieng Plateau. The misty location, sulphurous springs and colored lakes truly make this a place of natural wonder and cultural significance.  

Come here and you will be transported

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The Serenity of Ubud and Bedugul

One of the most popular routes to take from the hotels which are mostly located in the south of Bali is the one from Denpasar northward to Ubud. This road leads on to Tampaksiring, and  further up to the highest point of the road at Kintamani before it descends north to reach Bali’s most northern town of Singaraja with its harbor of Buleleng and lovely Lovina beach, where one can watch

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Visit Besakih Temple and East Bali

A tour of Bali is not complete without a visit to Pura Besakih, Bali’s Mother Temple. Pura Besakih is located on the slopes of Mount Agung which rises 3,142 meters above sea level.  The temple comprises 3 main complexes dedicated to the Hindu Trinity. It was built during the late 8th century AD.
Along the way visit Bukit Jambul where there are beautifully laid out rice-terraces. Then on

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Jakarta Entertainment

After dinner there is much to enjoy in Jakarta. The Kemang area in South Jakarta, dubbed the “expatriate village” has many discos, karaokes,  and entertainment haunts to while away the night. There is even the Salsa Café, where you can learn to dance the Salsa after a good meal. The Centro at Dharmawangsa Square City Walk at Jl. Dharmawangsa IX is today the place to be and

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