Hiking up Mt. Dua Sudara

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Upon arrival in the town of Bitung in North Sulawesi,  you will be greeted by a beautiful mountain with a twin peak called Mt. Dua Sudara  (often also written Mt. Dua Saudara), meaning : the two brothers. This extinct volcano  is located some 12 km from Bitung, east of Mt. Klabat and faces the Tangkoko Batuangus Nature Reserve at Madidir Unet in the subdistrict of Madidir.


The twin peaks of Mt. Dua Sudara provides a perfect panoramic photo shoot especially when taken from the coast of the Lembeh Strait.  Although the volcano is impressive, yet until today not many have ventured the climb to its peak  that stands at 1,351 meters above sea level.  


The foothills of Gunung Dua Sudara are dense with sugar palm trees that were planted here on purpose by the Bitrung government for the conservation of the environment, since according to the Wallace Theory, the Tangkoko reserve and Mt.Dua Sudara are regularly blown by the hot airstream that flows from south to north. When left unhampered the hot wind will blow straight to the North Pole, accelerating the melting of glaciers there.


In addition to sugar palm trees, the population have  planted here their gardens of maize, sweet potatoes, coconuts and bananas, that prettily decorate the slopes of this mountain. The remainder of the slopes are filled with rattan vegetation, banyan trees, teak forests and ilalang. Sulawesi’s endemic animals like the tarsiers, kuskus and the maleo bird have made these their habitat.


To Do


Hikers must be prepared to bring their own navigation equipment like compass, GPS, or map, since this mountain does not have a fixed  hiking trail. Also, carry plenty of your own drinking water supply since there are no springs or rivers on this mountain.  

If you plan to camp overnight make sure not to keep your  tent closed at all times  to protect the interior from the swarms of insects found around here.   

Getting There and Around

Get There

The distance from Manado, capital of North Sulawes, i to the town of Bitung is around 44 km. If you donot wish to take a private car, you can take the public bus that starts from the Paal Dua or the Karombasan Bus Terminal.  


Non airconditioned  buses charge Rp7,500 for the trip while the fare for airconditioned buses  is Rp8, 500, for the two hours’ ride.


A  taxi will cost you around  Rp200,000.


To call a taxi you can contact the following companies: Blue Bird  (+62431- 86 1234), Trust Taxi ( +62431-824000) and Celebrity Taxi (+62 431-851010).

You can also rent a car in Manado  with varying costs starting from Rp300,000.

Here are a number of car rental companies:

CV Central
Address    :    Jl. Sungai Musi, Singkil
Phone     :     +62 431 3335011

CV Kenalan
Address    :    Jl. 21 Mei, Teling
Phone    :    0431 3323293, 0811 437793
Mawar Sharon
Address    :    Jl. Sugiono No. 5
Phone    :    0431 855193
Mobil Rental Mitra
Address    :    Jl. Jambore, Winangun
Phone    :     +62 431 3366442

From the town of Bitung to Desa Batu Putih, you can take the small bus, called  mikrolet- to the Girian terminal, The fare for the 10 minutes’ ride is  Rp2,500  You can also take the motorbike taxi  or ojek which charges Rp 5,000.