Suban Hot Spring

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Just below the hills of Bukit Kaba in the highlands of Bengkulu Province, one will find a pool of rejuvenating warmth surrounded by the lush beauty of nature. This is the Suban Hot Spring, located at the Penantian Village, East Curup District, Rejang Lebong Regency, in the province of Bengkulu.

Covering a total area of approximately 30 hectares, amidst a picturesque landscape of green hills, the Suban Hot Spring is the perfect place to rid yourself of  all tensions of the bustling day and just soak up the relaxing warmth of nature. The water that fills the pool is drawn from a number of springs that flow down from the Bukit Kaba Hills and are channeled through bamboo pipes. Aside from the open pools, there are also a number of bathing cubicles where one can enjoy the fresh warm water in better privacy.

With another relatively short trekking adventure, you can also visit two waterfalls that are not too far from the hot springs. The first waterfall is 50 meters high while the second is 15 meters up. Aside from the refreshing splashes of pouring water, visitors will be indulged with the stunning panoramic scenery of the waterfalls and the serene ambience of nature.

Within the pools area you will see two boulders that are considered sacred by the local people. The first is the Batu Tri Sakti or Tri Sakti Stone which is said to be inhabited by three great spirits who protect those who visit the hot spring. The second is Batu Menangis or literally the Crying Stone, which is said to occasionally emit water as if it was crying. The existence of batu Menangis relates to the legend of a certain princess named Gemercik Emas who constantly sobbed,  since she refused to be forcefully married to a prince named Putra Gambir Melang.


To Stay, To Do

There are a number of Hotels and inns in Rejang Leboing Regency if you need to stay in the area. Here is a list  among them:

Aman JayaJl. AK. Gani CurupTelephone: +62 732 21365 Bukit KabaJl. Sukowati CurupTelephone: +62 732 21355Raflesia LosmenJl. Husni Thamrin No. 15Telephone:  +62 737 521639 Kurnia Permai HotelJl. Husni Thamrin No. 11Telephone: +62 737 521639Raflesia HotelJl. Jenderal Basuki Rachmat, CurupTelephone: +62 732 21070

Getting There and Around

Get There

The Suban Hot Spring is located about 6 Km from the Town of Curup,  capital city and main hub of the Rejang Lebong Regency,and lies  at the main road between Curup to Lubuk Linggau. From Bengkulu City, capital of Bengkulu Province, the overland trip will take approximately 4 hours.

If you wish to use public transport, you can catch the Bengkulu-Curup Bus which charges around IDR35,000. From Curup Town, you need to continue by the Angkot (Angkutan Kota) mini van to Pasar Atas, then continue by another angkot to Suban Hot Spring.