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Komodo National Park : Into The Heart of The Dragons

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Hokin Komodo Diving

We welcome you to our Company HOKIN DIVING KOMODO, our company was initially created for the needs of tourism market which is increasingly moving up in Komodo Island in particular and Flores Island in general.

We are local company based and have long been engaged in the tourism sector in Komodo Island and Flores specially for Adventure Trip and Diving Trip. We have in the field of services will be our major capital in answering and organizing tour packages you may be interested. In every services we offer, we are do always put forward our local flavor with a professional attitudes.

The needs of services of visitor who come to this area in general are the packets which includes a visit to the island to see the Komodo dragon, an ancient animal remains to this day, diving in places where conditions are still virgin, snorkeling in places where marine life is amazingly beautiful and clean water, or just playing on the white sandy beach.

On the land, you will be offered with a beautiful presentation of breathtaking panorama, high towering mountains, meandering rivers, friendly smile of local community, the remains of ancient buildings from the past lives and many more surprises that always be found during your trip.

Address : Jln. XXX , Labuan Bajo - Nusa Tenggara - Indonesia 86554
Phone : +62 81 339 312 458
Fax : -
: info@hokindivingkomodo.com
Website : http://www.hokindivingkomodo.com/