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Resto Kediri

Welcome !

With the start of the fasting month, also marks the bermulainya a new atmosphere in the year 2010. We invite Mr / Mrs / Mr / i skalian to hold you fast-breaking events to Resto Kediri.

We offer a menu of different Iftar packages each day in the cycle menu for the month of fasting that we attach in this email.

Resto Kediri also has various facilities and other services, including:
* Dining Room
* Lesehan ala Jogja
* Lesehan Japanese style (Tatami)
* V.I.P. Room
* Executive Room
* Banquet Hall with capacity of 500 pax
* Meeting Hall with a capacity of 100 pax
* Orders Outside Catering / Buffet
* Orders Rice Tumpeng
* Parking for up to 70 cars
* Free Internet Hot Spot

Our menu can also be seen in the Tribune TV, FM Batam, Batam TV, and on our website restokediri.com

We look forward to welcoming you to break the fast at Resto Kediri.

Address : Gedung Graha Anugrah Kediri Jl. Engku Putri - Batam Center
Phone : 0778 465 777
Fax : 0778 463 777
: -
Website : http://restokediri.com/