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South Sumatra Museum

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River Side Restaurant

Using tongkang boat as 2 floors restaurant at riverside Musi River with beautifully river scennary especially at night, Riverside Restaurant starting their bussiness.

This restaurant has various menu like Roasted Gurame Fish, Sapo Tahu, Kangkung Hotplate and many more. There are Roasted Shrimp with Boombaru Chili Sauce as their favourite menu with its sweet, spicy and slightly sour tastes from orange syrup.

For lunch session, there’ll be unforgotten moments for the customers. There are special scennary from the river, boats traffic, and calm atmosphere for relaxation, also with delicious red-brown shrimps with spicy sauce which make our appetide aroused.

Address : Komplek Benteng Kuto Besak Jl. Rumah Bari Palembang
Phone : +62 711 368222|+62 711 368222
Fax : +62 711 357508
: reservation@riverside-restaurant-plg.com
Website : http://riverside-restaurant-plg.com/