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Mount Bromo : Witnessing The Fascinating Sunrise

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Niagara Hotel 1 star(s)

Niagara Hotel, a building of historical witness, was built up in 1890's, located in the middle of Lawang City, which is the main axis of Malang and Surabaya. Hotel Niagara was originally used as a villa. Then on January 17, 1964, it was changed into a hotel to provide a nice and comfortable facility for tourists. It's detailed Classical interior and design gives value added to Niagara Hotel.

We provide various facilities and warm services that will make you and your family enjoy and feel the quiet atmosphere of Lawang city.

Located about 30 minutes away from Malang and around city
center, makes Niagara Hotel to be a strategic place for you and
your family

For those of you who want to know detail about East Java's culture, you should go around Lawang City, take a look at Lawang's traditional market, feel the breeze of tea plantation, and visit the temple of Singhasari Kingdom where just 15 minutes away from our hotel location.
It's a great honor to serve you as our guest, and we welcome you to Niagara Hotel which keeps a thousand of memories and histories.

Address : Jl. Dr. Sutomo 63 Lawang Jawa Timur – Indonesia
Phone : (0341) 426612
Fax : (0341) 426612
: info@niagaramalang.com
Website : http://www.niagaramalang.com/