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Prambanan : The Exotic Hindu Temple

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Pondok Tingal Hotel

This hotel was built by Mr. Budiardjo, he was a Javanese traditional cultural observer, General pensioner of Indonesian Air Force and was Communication Ministry of Republic Indonesia. He was born in a village, little place near from Borobudur temple that called Tingal Village. Cause of that, the hotel has been named by Pondok Tingal.

The Hotel is but a leisurely walking distance of 700 meters from the Borobudur Temple Archeological Park, a mere strolling distance of two hundred meters from the Pawon temple, and a challenging 1.5 km from the Mendut temple; one can also hire a bike, ride a "becak" (pedicab), take an "andong" (horse-drawn carriage), or go "ojeg" (Peggy backing) on motor cycle.

Address : Jalan Balaputradewa 32, Brojonalan, Borobudur - Magelang - Jawa Tengah - Indonesia.
Phone : 0293-788145|0293-5508845
Fax : 0293-788166
: info@pondoktingal.com
Website : http://www.pondoktingal.com/