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Prambanan : The Exotic Hindu Temple

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Dimensi Tour

PT. Dimensions Kingdom engaged in the business travel bureau, based in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra branch office opened in Magelang, in accordance with the certificate no. 4, dated September 3, 1992, notaries Mrs. Kartini Ninuk SH with branch heads Bp. M. Heri Nugroho, SE.

To expand its business network and strengthen the business interaction, Bp. M. Heri Nugroho, SE founded the travel agency (BPW) in Yogyakarta with the name of PT. Dimensions Indowisata accordance with the certificate no. 93, December 28, 1996, notaries Mrs. Soemi Sajogja Moedito Mardjikoen SH, with the Director of Bp. M. Heri Nugroho, SE.

Address : Jl. Kusbini no. 15 (Klitren) Yogyakarta
Phone : 0274 555680|0274 555681
Fax : 0274-555681
: dimensijogja@yahoo.com
Website : http://www.dimensitour.com/