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Yogyakarta's Dining Guide

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Yunika Tours and Travel

Nothing is impossible in creating and become a professional player in any business field. It also works for PT Yunika Putra Dewata which have shown courage and professionalism in serving our clients, the users of tourism service and event organizer. Therefore, throughout our journey in the past 4 years, by giving priority on service quality and customer satisfaction, PT Yunika Putra Dewata have been trusted by our loyal partners, in business circle and education in Yogyakarta as well as other big cities in Indonesia, to serve and give the best service.

Address : Ruko Perwita Regency Blok A-24 Jl. Parangtritis, Jogjakarta, 55198, Indonesia
Phone : +62 274 450055
Fax : +62 274 374202
: yunika_tt@yahoo.com
Website : http://www.yunikatour.com/index.php?lang=2