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Uluwatu : The Most Famous Wave in Bali

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The Ahimsa Villa

The Ahimsa group redefines luxury accommodation by providing discerning guests with the ultimate boutique villa experience. Continuing with our commitment to providing our valued guests with an exceptional Bali experience, we proudly announce the completion of a major refurbishment at both The Ahimsa flagship property and the Ahimsa Estate.

The remodeling includes an elegant décor refurbishment influenced by the cool and comforting appeal of Hampton Chic beachside holidays. What remains is our original contemporary design and traditional Asian architecture, as well as our impeccable five-star service, all now with an added touch of elegance that ensures your stay will be an unforgettable one.

Our philosophy is embodied in the Sanskrit word 'AHIMSA' - meaning to abstain from harm or violence to all earth's creatures. Followers of the Hindu faith believe embracing this ideal will lead to a better way of life. Our hotel stands as a reminder to our valued guests and the people of the world that Bali is a gentle, beautiful island with caring inhabitants. Whether you stay at The Ahimsa, Ahimsa Estate or Ahimsa Beach, you will enjoy the best this magical island has to offer and as a result - discover a better way of life.

Address : Jl. Kunti, Seminyak. Bali Indonesia
Phone : +62 361 734904
Fax : +62 361 739211
: info@theahimsa.com
Website : http://www.theahimsa.com/