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Ubud : A Place of Peace and Serenity

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Kajane Mua 4 star(s)

Creating then playing by yourself, or together with family. It will be such a fun activity to remember.

Unforgettable, that what this tour about.

For centuries Ubud has been known as a place where art is the ruler of the region. Balinese performing arts and art products are mostly coming from this region. There are several villages around Ubud where people work as sculptor, wood carving and painter.

KAJANE will travel with you, partner and family to an unforgettable experience and memory from Ubud.

Enjoy beautiful scenery that can only be found in this region.

KAJANE tailors cycling adventures to suit your age and interest.
You will be accompanied by our experienced Guest Assistant to roam around Ubud hidden area.

Let yourself be fascinated by the tranquil and wonderful view of terraced rice field while you were cycling along the way.

A Special family recreation package that you’re looking for.

The Elephant Park & the Elephant Cave
Meet face to face with 18 gigantic animals. These Elephants wander freely around the park.

A visit to an ancient temple carved on a cliff and Holy Spring Water Temple

KAJANE invites you and your family to be a part of this Balinese Hindu tradition, to take a bath at the holy spring water

Our KAJANE Guest Assistant will take you to this journey.

See the beauty of Bali’s most visited volcano before your very own eyes and bring back an unforgettable memory from hiking and trekking to the peak of Mount Batur, reach the best spot to experience the stunning Balinese sunrise.

KAJANE’s well-trained guides will show you the beauty of mount Batur’s, it’s nature and history; they will accompany you throughout the whole journey.

KAJANE invites the guest to record a romantic moment for couples who want to feel romantic Balinese Wedding by takingt a picture in special Balinese Wedding Costume.

Full moon (Purnama in Balinese term) is the auspicious day to clean body and mind by taking a bath at the Holy River or with holy spring water followed by ceremonies at the main temples and family temples.

We invite the guest to participate in this ritual ceremony together with KAJANE staffs. It has been a great honor of us to bring this memorable event to you.

Since years ago, Balinese dancing become an icon of ubud. Everybody knows where to go to see the real exotic and elegant Balinese dancing. Now, almost all main temples in ubud held daily schedule dance performance.

As a guest of kajane, you not only could enjoy the performance but also have a chance to learn the basic of  Balinese traditional dance.

Supported by our  staffs who also a dancer in their village, we are glad to invite you to join our dancing lesson. It will be a great honor for us to share the moment with you

Known as art and cultural village in Bali, Ubud creates many talented painters. The art of sense still inheritance to the next generation until now. We, as a part of villager, proudly presents painting lesson for one who are intereste to feel the excitement of painting.

Supported by our  staffs who are also a painter in their village, we are glad to invite you to join our Painting lesson. It will be a great honor for us to share the Basic Balinese Style Painting with you.
What a great feeling if we could carve our own name on a piece of wooden block or even create another magnificent creation by our own.

Supported by our  staffs who are also a carver in their village, we are glad to invite you to join our carving lesson.

Address : Jalan Monkey Forest, Ubud, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 805
Phone : +62 361 972 877
Fax : +62 361 972 876
: reservation@kajane.com
Website : http://www.kajane.com