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Baluran National Park: An Indonesian Savannah



The unique Baluran National Park is unlike anywhere else on Java. This is a dry country-side of open forests and scrub land, bordered at the coast by marshes, swampy groves and white beaches. Nicknamed ‘Indonesia’s little bit of Africa’ the park is rich in wildlife such as deers, monkey, wild pigs and the extremely rare leopard. Go on safari here and see the thousands of exotic birds that call this place home. Despite the impact of illegal trapping for the caged bird trade, it’s still common to see green peafowl, red and green jungle fowl, horbills and bee eaters.

A land-rover or jeep is the best vehicle to use across these rugged grassy plains. Here, the banteng wild ox, deer and birds can be photographed in their natural habitat.

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Baluran National Park: An Indonesian Savannah

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