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Tomini Bay and Olele Beach in Gorontalo : Pieces of Paradise on the Equator

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Quality Hotel Gorontalo 4 star(s)

It just 45 minutes from Djalaludin Airport. A walking distances to all city’s shop, malls, restaurant, night life district, public facilities, banking center and government center.

This comfortable, cozy atmosphere, 4 stars hotel located in the main area of Gorontalo City, The new developing province in the northern part of Sulawesi. Quality Hotel Gorontalo is located in the central of government, business district and masions. The rooms in this hotel offer great view of the city surrounded by the green of the hills

With the “encouraging the hearth” we will serve you by our hearth for your wonderful staying at Quality Hotel Gorontalo.

Address : Jl. Nani Wartabone (ex. Jl.A. Yani) No.25 Kota Gorontalo 96115. Indonesia
Phone : (0435) 822222
Fax : (0435) 821111
: -
Website : http://hotelqualitygorontalo.com/