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Logan Hill Golf Club

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Grand Swiss-Belhotel Medan 5 star(s)

Swiss-Belhotel International was founded in 1987. Today, Swiss-Belhotel International has evolved into a leading hotel management company with 32 hotels and another 25 hotels slated to open in the next 18 months.

Comprising many industry specialists, the company is able to offer management in all aspects of the hotel, serviced apartments, club and golf operations, including operational management, project management and coordination, marketing, sales and public relations activities, technical and financial services.

Swiss-Belhotel International is unique compared to other Asian and most international hotel management companies with its philosophy of active consultation with the property owners.

An increasing number of owners wish to be fully informed on the day-to-day operations of their hotel, serviced apartments, club and/or restaurants. This has tended to be discouraged by other hotel management companies, whose policy is often to stamp their own particular brand of management and marketing on the operation, free from "outside" interference.

Address : Jl. S. Parman No. 215 I-J, Medan
Phone : +62 61 457 6999
Fax : +62 61 457 60606
: rso-ind@swiss-belhotel.com
Website : http://www.swiss-belhotel.com/