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Martabe Sejahtera Golf Club

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Sumatra Tours

The heart of the highlands, Bukittinggi is a pleasant two-hour drive from the West-Sumatra provincial capital of Padang through the gorgeous Anai Valley up to the Agam Plateau. Located 930 meter above sea level, Bukittinggi (formerly called Fort De Kock by the Dutch) has a cool climate and is surrouned by three vulcanoes: Tandikat, Singgalang and Merapi. The central landmark is the town's clock tower, referred to by the locals as Jam Gadang. It's overlooks the market square, a beehive of activity. A fantastic place to do shopping in souvenir shops. Nearby Kota Gadang is renowned for its fine silver filigree and hand embroidery. On the outskirts of Bukittinggi there is a 150 meter deep canyon called Ngarai Sianok ( Sianok Canyon ).It is an incredibly winding through the bottom of the steep-walled canyon. West Sumatrans claim it is unrivalled for natural beauty in all of Indonesia .

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