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Senayan Golf Club

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Ayam Goreng Mbok Berek

Being a housewife is an option for women and not a "nature" as is often perceived by some of our communities. every woman has the full right to choose whether he will devote the mind, energy and time as a housewife or perform other roles in the midst of society. Among the two options and even then there is still a third option, namely to become a housewife who also work in communities, such as a social activist or entrepreneur.

Mbok Berek is the figure of a woman who chooses the third, which is a homemaker who also once tannga sustain the family economy by becoming entrepreneurs fried chicken. Through his life history that we can read in this book, it is clear to us that the status and the profession as a housewife does not need to be a barrier for a woman to self mengaktualisasikanpotensi owned.

Address : Jalan Prof Dr. Soepomo No. 14 Kel. Menteng Dalam, Tebet Kota Jakarta Selatan 12870
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Website : http://www.mbokberek.com/