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Palembang on the Musi River : Heart of ancient Srivijaya

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The Aryaduta Hotel & Convention Center Palembang 4 star(s)

Perfectly situated in the heart of Palembang, The Aryaduta Hotel & Convention Center is a 18-storey atrium hotel offering 174 rooms overlooking the city of Palembang and 2.094 square meter of meeting space including a 1.800 square meter The Grand Ballroom. The hotel is located adjacent to the Palembang Square Mall and close to the famous Ampera Bridge.

Address : Jl. POM IX, Palembang Square, Palembang 30137
Phone : +62 711 383 838
Fax : +62 711 377 900
: info.palembang@aryaduta.com
Website : http://www.aryaduta.com/minisite/web/location.php?r=101&t=1&m=8