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Bandung Factory Outlets Galore For Apparel and Leatherware

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Bober Cafe

 Bober Cafe specialized in seesha smoking, coffee and cookies. Established in early 2004, started with small and comfy hanging out places for young old community. On June 2008 we started our humble business to enlarge the landscape, provide high tech facility to pamper the top satisfaction of our lovely customer. Free high speed internet access with no limitation had being our space as on of the most favorite hanging out places in Bandung. We began to interpret both technology and the taste of local music artist, performing Bober Cafe live music three times a week on wednesday friday and saturday. You'll love to enjoy it!

 The large section of the menu contains a balance of variety with an awareness of nutrition , with the help of the science of coking. We have pampered many happy customers with a strong and nice coffee together with a healthy home made cookies while they surf the net. We have also conducted cooking classes and received many good reviews. The concept of our places was not based on the common cafe or restaurant found in Bandung.

 Now Bober Cafe had many loyal customer which need a longer time to spend, in order to that we now open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So we have been established for almost 6 years, as we continue to provide top class service available on the city we ponder upon customers and friends who passed by our path and left their foot prints. Thank you very much for your continued support, we would not be here without you.

Address : Jl. R.E. Martadinata No. 123 Bandung
Phone : 022-7234295
Fax : -
: info@bobercafe.com
Website : http://www.bobercafe.com/