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Sangiran : Home of The Java Man

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Soga Restaurant & Lounge

Soga Restaurant & Lounge is part of House of Danar Hadi founded by Mr. H. Santosa Doellah, This place is tourism object integrated with the elegance and luxury as a palace. In the area in House of Dana Hadi there are Heritage Buildings they are nDalem Wuryoningrat, Danar Hadi Ancient Batik Museum, Batik Workshop, Danar Hadi Batik Showroom, and Soga Restaurant & Lounge. They are packed in one day stop shopping.

SOGA RESTAURANT & LOUNGE is located in center of Surakarta City, 20 minutes from Adi Soemarmo International Airport, 5 minutes from Balapan Train Station, 500 metres from Sriwedari Park, 1 kilometres from Mangkunegaran Palace, 2 kilometres from Kasunanan Surakarta Palace.

OGA Restaurant & Lounge is a restaurant with colonial concept arranged perfect and unique includes exterior and interior with homy atmosphere (like in your own home) that is a blend from Netherland and Java architecture. All of them are created to add pleasure the customers. With a friendly services and with high taste menu.

Address : Jl. Slamet Riyadi 261 Surakarta 57141 Central Java - Indonesia
Phone : 0271 727020|0271 722084
Fax : 0271 722042
: soga_resto@yahoo.com
Website : http://sogarestaurant.com/index.php?lang=en