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The National Monument

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Smailing Tour

The leading travel Management expert in Indonesia offering 24 hours service, business process consulting, and also travel policy analysis and control. We provide great supplier advice and consulting and travel tracking 24x7 service, modern yet strategic 10 branches spread in Jakarta Central CDB and 8 in-plants offices.

Equipped with integrated International and domestic flight reservation system and quick delivery system, worldwide and domestic reservation system. We cater both first class and budget travelers including inbound, outbound, domestic, incentive, fast travel document services, first class transportation services, outstanding airport handling services, online administration system, professional service team, integrated MIS and emergency assistant. 

Address : Smailing Tour Building Jalan Majaphit No. 28, Jakarta Pusat 10160
Phone : (62-21) 3508080
Fax : (62-21)) 384 9573
: tour@smailingtour.co.id
Website : http://www.smailingtour.co.id