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Sorong : Gateway to Raja Ampat

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Papua Diving Sorido Bay Resort and Kri Eco Resort

Our company Papua Diving  has experience diving and pioneering the area since 1990. With 16 years of diving experience in the Raja Ampat we know the area as no other. Some of our guides have close to 9.000 dives and it will be clear that the diving we offer reflects this. We can share more locations than you can dive in many weeks and our guides can find almost anything! Because of this we have a very high number of returning guests. Our company was the first to explore the islands on scuba and a lot of our knowledge we gained by working with the local Papuan people. All of our diving staff are born and raised in the area.

New discoveries are still made here almost daily. The area never ceases to amaze us, even after all the years we have been exploring!!! Scroll to our recent discoveries section above to find out what are our latest finds!

Address : Jalan Gunung Semeru No 16, Kampung Baru 98413 Soro
Phone : +62 411 401 660
Fax : +62 951 325 274
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Website : http://www.papua-diving.com/Main-page.html