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A Musical Adventure on a Jailolo Bentor

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  11. Atraksi Beca Motor

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  15. Atraksi Beca Motor

  16. Sasadu

  17. Bentor Jailolo

  18. Bentor Jailolo



Visiting Jailolo City in the district of West Halmahera in the province of North Maluku is bound to get your head nodding and your fingers and feet tapping. Indonesians, in general, are a musical people, and the residents of Jailolo have no qualm in showing it. Numerous becak motor crisscross the streets, each blasting the tune of whatever suits his preference or mood for the day.


Becak Motors, often abbreviated as bentor in Jailolo, are the usual public transport of the city. They are constructed of a small two-wheeled carriage welded with the rear half of a motorbike and can seat 2 to 3 passengers.

 Bentor Jailolo - Indonesia Travel


These interesting vehicles are equipped with Mp3 players or a car’s second-hand CD or cassette player and boom out a wide variety of songs, ranging from traditional songs, to local pop songs, to the latest western hits.The bentor play their music at maximum volume in the hope that the lively music will attract more passengers and will at the very least keep the driver and his customers thoroughly entertained.

 Bentor Jailolo - Indonesia Travel


Aside from the rhythmic tunes, these three-wheeled bikes are attractively painted and adorned with colored lights which will be lit up at night, setting the streets of Jailolo aglow. Bentor are also modified with a roof, padded seats, and footrests to make passengers feel comfortable and pampered. The carriage is easy to climb into and lies close enough to the ground that even a small child could climb in unassisted.


The creation of bentor in Jailolo first began in 2010 and rapidly became the favorite method of public transport amongst the local community as well as tourists. The average one-way fare is about 5,000 – 20,000 rupiah, depending on the distance. You can also rent a bentor for the day at an agreed upon price with the driver. Bentor can easily be found along the Jailolo streets and are often waiting at the port, ready to take newly arriving passengers to their destinations.


Residents on the island who want to become bentor drivers usually have their own motorcycles. The motorcycles are then brought to a work shop to be converted into a bentor. The creation of a bentorcan cost up to 8 million rupiah, depending on the desired modifications and ornaments.

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A Musical Adventure on a Jailolo Bentor

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