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Tanjung Puting National Park : Re-introducing Orang Utans to the Wild

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Borneo eco adventure tour

Borneo Eco Tour based in Pangkalan Bun - Central Kalimantan. Borneo Eco Tour under legal Company named PT. Borneo Lestari Tour & Travel established in 17 October 2008 by Peltanadanson (Danson), are member of ASITA (Asociation of Indonesia Travel Agentcy): 026/XIV/DPP/2009. Borneo Eco Tour main office is on Jalan Prakusuma Yudha No. 12 in the down town and have Borneo Eco Tour counter in Pangkalan Bun Airport on Arrival room.


Address : Jalan Pra Kesuma Yudha Rt.12 No.8 Pangkalan Bun - Central Kalimantan Indonesia
Phone : +62 532 25386
Fax : +62 532 29080
: info@borneoecotour.com
Website : http://www.borneoecotour.com/front/