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Solo Surakarta : A City Steeped in History

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Ruba Graha Hotel

Present with Different Touch in the Indonesian Culture and Tourism City, Ruba Graha Hotel stands to meet your needs. Not only is the location strategic, which only takes few minutes to get to the tourism resorts in Jogjakarta; such as Keraton, Malioboro, Gembira Loka Zoo and also other tourism resorts, but it is also easy to get the transportation to get to the tourism resorts from Ruba Graha Hotel. We serve you with togetherness and family atmosphere as the distinctive features of Jogjakarta

Address : Jl. Mangkuyudan No. 1 Jogjakarta 55143 Indonesia
Phone : +62 (274) 373531|+62 (274) 375593
Fax : +62 (274) 384508
: ruba_graha@yahoo.co.id
Website : http://rubagraha.com/index.php?action=_home.main