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Yogyakarta : A Modern Blend of the Ancient and the Arts

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Merapi Hotel 1 star(s)

MERAPI HOTEL are located at the heart of Yogyakarta, offering all travelers from all over the world the coziest place possible ensuring all your traveling needs are met. The Hotels are nearby with all the conveniences you need and want; including all the tourist destinations & attractions!

The “Merapi” term stands for Beauty, Strength & Power, which suits the MERAPI HOTEL because the Hotel are located at Sosrowijayan area near Malioboro, widely known as the Main and the Legendary Street of Yogyakarta, which was also well known as the Tourist Village ever since 1970’s.

Address : Sosrowijayan GTI/155 Yogyakarta-Indonesia
Phone : +62 274 582574
Fax : -
: -
Website : http://www.merapihotel.com/