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The Kraton : Palace Fit For A Javanese King

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Saphir Yogyakarta Hotel 4 star(s)

Yogyakarta or Jogja is a very peaceful city where time seems to pass more slowly, with its history and Javanese culture being a source of inspiration to many artists through the centuries.

The proximity of the world famous temples of Borobudur and Prambanan, as well as numerous other temples dating back to the 10 th century, has brought thousands of visitors to this city.

The active volcano Merapi and popular beaches can be reached in just over an hour and make a good one-day excursion.

Not to forget the silversmiths of Kota Gede or Malioboro Street, a shopping paradise for local handicrafts, close to the Sultan's Palace; The Kraton.

Address : Jl. Laksda Adisucipto No. 38 Yogyakarta, 55001 Indonesia
Phone : +62 274 566222
Fax : +62 274 566220
: saphiryk@indosat.net.id
Website : http://www.saphirhotels.com/