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Kota Gede : Home of The Silversmiths

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Dejava Craft

Thank you for visiting DeJavaCraft.com. We provide various kinds of unique handicrafts from various regions of the archipelago. Crafts of the nation who is widely known to have high artistic value and cultural can be found easily with cheap price. Beautiful souvenirs, bags and various other craft is the work pengajin choice, which terjami its quality. DeJavacraft provide crafts from natural materials such as wood, rattan, Pandan, Batik, leather, metals and others. This material is processed into a variety of unique artistic merit goods and high value. We also provide a unique souvenir knickknacks to enliven your parties and special events.

Address : Jl. Melon No. 7 Perum Sidoarum II Godean, Yogyakarta
Phone : 081392484929
Fax : -
: info@dejavacraft.com
Website : http://www.dejavacraft.com/