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Jakarta : Indonesia's National and Business Capital

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Dwidua Tour

Dwidua Tour is part of Dwidua Group which other businesses include freight-forwarding and trading and details of which may be found in  www.dwidua.com.

This travel agency was established in 1997 after the Dwidua Group’s success in its cargo division. It was originally started to complement our services to our cargo customers. Yet over the years, with increasing demands and upgraded services to our customers, Dwidua Tour is now recognized as an established travel agency in its own right.

Over the years, Dwidua Tour has constantly strived to meet the demands of every customer to ensure excellent service and guaranteed customer satisfaction. We aim not just to meet, we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations of our services.

Our mission is simple. Customer Satisfaction is our mission!

Address : Komp. Griya Inti Sentosa Jl. Griya Agung No. 46 (Blok N3/43), Sunter Agung. Jakarta 14350 - Indonesia.
Phone : (62-21)645 3888
Fax : (62-21) 640 4134
: info@dwiduatour.com
Website : http://www.dwiduatour.com/