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Medan : Entry Point to North Sumatra

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Wisma Bumi Asih Medan

Wisma Bumi Asih Medan is a guesthouse located in the heart of Medan city that gives various facilities for your convenience during your stay in Medan. The strategic location makes it easy for you to reach various destinations in Medan with a quick and easy. Excellent service given by our staff is the guarantee your comfort to stay at Wisma Bumi Asih.

Address : Jalan Sei Bahorok Baru No. 20 Medan , Sumatra Utara
Phone : 061 – 415 6298
Fax : 061 – 415 9198
: reservation_mdn@hotelbumiasih.com
Website : http://hotelbumiasih.com/medan/index.asp?fuseaction=front_content