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LOMBOK, alluring island East of Bali

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Bidari Hotel Lombok 1 star(s)

Bidari  hotel is the choice place for you and your family whilst on the island of Lombok. With a blend of modern and Balinese architectural styles make you more comfortable to enjoy the atmosphere of the island of Lombok.

Through this site, you can find out more information about Hotel Bidari, such as what facilities you can enjoy, the following pricing packages are available. As for your suggestions and critics around the Hotel Bidari and this site will greatly help us to improve our services.

Thank you if you and your family choose Hotel Bidari place to rest and spend the night.

Address : Jl. Bangau No. 5 Cakranegara -NTB Indonesia
Phone : +62 370 627710
Fax : +62 370 644134
: adm1@bidarihotellombok.com
Website : http://www.bidarihotellombok.com/