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Sail Banda: Small Islands for Our Future

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  1. White Sand Beach at Ambon

    Beautiful beach in Ambon.
  2. Old Mosque In Ambon

    The antique and classic old mosque in Ambon.
  3. Old Church in Ambon

    Old Church in Ambon. Since colonialism era, and still remain.
  4. Hukurila Cave

    Hukurila Cave in underwater in Ambon.
  5. Beauty Underwater in Ambon's Sea

    Near side of Hukurila Cave in Ambon's underwater.
  6. Beach of Ambon with traditional boat

    Traditional boat for fishing and sailing in Ambon.
  7. Heritage of World War II

    Japanese bunkers, heritage of WWII in Ambon.
  8. Mimic Octopus in Underwater

    Rare creature of the Sea. Only in Ambon.
  9. Martha Thiahahu Statue in Ambon

    The well-known war hero from Ambon. The statue of Martha Thiahahu.
  10. View of Pulau Tengah, Ambon

    View of beautiful beach in Pulau Tengah, Ambon.
  11. Diving in Pulau Tiga

    Diving in Pulau Tiga, Ambon.
  12. Beauty Underwater in Ambon's Sea

    Beauty of underwater in Ambon.
  13. Pantai Pintu Kota (Bethesda Beach).

  14. Permainan Bambu Gila

  15. Permainan Bambu Gila

  16. Sunset Di Monumen Christina Martha Tiahahu

  17. Teluk Ambon



With more than 100 yachts competing from around the world, the 2010 Sail Banda yacht race promises to be bigger and better than ever. Sail Banda is an annual yacht race that takes competitors from Darwin, Australia through to the beautiful and remote Banda Islands. Along the way, participants and spectators will see all the splendid beauty Indonesia has to offer as yachts sail under a bright blue sky through crystal clear waters.  

Competitors will set off from Darwin, calling on various Indonesian ports before arriving at Banda island in Maluku (the Moluccas) on 27 July, where festivities will be held until 29 July. Then will then sail on to Ambon, to arrive on 1 August, where festivities to continue until 5 August.  

Sail Banda is becoming one of the highest profile sporting events in the nation. This year, sailors will encounter festivities along the way as the local people come out to support this exciting event.  Participants will enjoy the warmth of the hospitable Banda locals, who were among the first people in the archipelago to have contacts with foreigners.

This event is an ideal way to showcase the attractions this part of Indonesia has to offer.  It inspires an exchange with the rest of the world, in the form of tourism, trades, and investment.  

The seas surrounding the Banda Islands are the site of the famous Maluku sea gardens, home to bright coral reefs and a kaleidoscope of marine life which live in the crystal clear waters. This is why the Banda Islands is one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia for divers.

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Sail Banda: Small Islands for Our Future

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