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Singosari Temple

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Kripik Tempe Bu Noer

Located at Jalan Ciliwung II / 2, Malang, East Java, Indonesia. It is a home-based businesses (SMEs), which seeks to work with employees to earn money by making / producing various foods that have characteristics of Malang city, or commonly known as "By-by specific Malang". Meanwhile, various foods include: chips Various Kripik Tempe, Brownies Tempe, Cake Bekatul, Fruit Kripik, etc. And will always make the innovation of new products other.

Address : Jl. Ciliwung II/2 Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Phone : 0344-470108
Fax : 0344-470108
: -
Website : http://kripiktempebunoer.blogspot.com/