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Grajagan Beach : Great Surf and a Picturesque Fishermen's Beach

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Biyung Restaurant

Mother, which means the mother is one of the reliable and leading restaurants in Surabaya, which stood since May 2000.

Building with a comfortable room and a spacious parking area and the various domestic and foreign cuisine dishes with a taste that "WAH" and the right price, making the mother as the perfect choice to capture every precious moment in your life and your family.

Mother with comprehensive facilities can also be used for various activities, sepertii event - the event service, events - religious events, seminars, product launching, and so forth.

Address : Jl. Raya Gubeng 44 Surabaya
Phone : +62 31 5021386
Fax : +62 31 5030767
: -
Website : http://www.biyung.com/