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Bandung : Creative Center amidst Lush Green Mountains

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Cherry Homes Bandung

Perfectly situated properties offering levels of service, accommodation, comfort and cuisine that stretch expectation, all with more than a hint of individuality. Suitable for business or leisure with facilities that provides ideal venues for weddings, ceremonies, conferences and meetings.

The front desk receptionist is a constant and familiar presence at the lobby facilitating service requests, deliveries, guest, keys and always has a smile for children.

Address : Jl. Babakan Jeruk IV No 37-39, Bandung - 40163 - West Java - Indonesia
Phone : +62 22 2021628|+62 22 2021629|+62 22 2004597
Fax : +62 22 000598
: marketing@cherry-homes.net
Website : http://www.cherry-homes.net/