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Bandung : Creative Center amidst Lush Green Mountains

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PT. PRAKTIS Tour & Organizer

Practical Tour And Organizer is travel bureau which stood since 2004. The focus of our service is to provide a complete and detailed information about tourism and human resource training in Malang, and surrounding areas to the customer. In business travel and training, comprehensive information is a crucial component to provide customer satisfaction. Information on tourist facilities and outbound training is good and matches the customer segment is key in providing customer satisfaction.

Practical Tour Organizer And young workers are supported by highly experienced professionals in the field of travel and staff training. Experience of human resources is a valuable asset Practical Tour And Organizer in providing service and information sites on the tour and Indonesia Malang.

Address : Jln. Sumbawa 32 Bandung
Phone : 022 – 71393937
Fax : -
: faishalnr@yahoo.com
Website : http://www.toursbandung.com/