Traditional Life at Lingga Village

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Explore indigenous Karo Batak culture with a trip to the traditional villlage of Lingga where ancient culture continues to be preserved today. A short trip from Brastagi, Lingga is one of the most popular places for visitors to come and discover what traditional Karo life was and still is like.

Here you will see the distinctive Batak houses with their horned roofs. Some of these houses are still occupied.

There are regular opelet to Lingga from Kabanjahe. From Brastagi you can get an opelet from the bus terminal to Kabanjahe.  

At Brastagi ask at a guesthouse for advice on arranging a guide who will be able to give a cultural overview of the Karo people.   

Getting There and Around

Get There

Go to Brastagi then use a car to visit this picturesque village.