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Carstensz Pyramid : Eternal Snow-capped mountain in the Tropics

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Aerotel Irian 3 star(s)

A proud history of service

Aerotel Irian was opened on October 1953 as the KLM Hotel. The oldest hotel on the island of Biak, Papua, it was conceived as a transit hotel for passengers on KLM flights in and out of the Eastern Indonesia province, on the long Pacific routes. Catering services were also provided, as they still are today, ad its strategic location next to Frans Kaisiepo Airport made it very convenient for passengers.

Now Aerowisata Hotels & Resorts, part of the Garuda Indonesia Group, manage the hotel. After a major refurbishment that retains much of the original character of the original hotel, Aerotel Irian Biak ready to serve you, with a relaxed atmosphere and a proud tradition of service, Aerotel Irian remains the first choice for those travelling to Biak from Indonesia and the world.

Address : Jl. Muh. Yamin SH Biak, Papua Indonesia
Phone : +62 981 21939
Fax : +62 981 214 58
: marketing@aerowisatahotels.com
Website : http://www.aerowisatahotels.com/hotel-index.html?id=12