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Culinary Specialties from Mt.Kerinci

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  5. Panoramic Lake Kerinci of Jambi

    Danau Kerinci Jambi



Highlighted by a backdrop of a stunning  mountain range and lush natural landscape, the highlands of Kerinci in Jambi Province also offer a cool and refreshing climate. Accompanying the cool  air, the people of  Kerinci also serve some of the most delicious hot soupy meals and beverages that will surely indulge your tongue and warm the body.  

Gulai Ikan Semah

Stretching over 46 square kilometers, Lake Kerinci is  home to Kerinci’s endemic Semah fish (or Ikan Semah in bahasa Indonesia). This is a special fish that can only be found in Lake Kerinci and along the Batang Merangin River.  And it becomes Kerinci’s favorite dish: Gulai Ikan Semah.

A gulai is a type of stew containing rich, spicy and succulent curry-like sauce. The gulai sauces are commonly of a thick consistency and is yellowish in color through the addition of ground turmeric.

A combination of Sumatra's distinct sour and spicy flavor and aroma dominate the taste of Gulai Ikan Semah. Its thick yellowish sauce is most  delectable and will definitely leave you wanting for more.

The most popular restaurant that serves gulai ikan semah is located on R.E Martadinata Street in Sungaipenuh Town.


Soto Semurup

Named after the area near the Semurup Hot Spring, Soto Semurup can be found in a number of restaurants in the  Semurup Market.

Soto is Indonesian traditional soup mainly composed of broth, coconut milk, meat and vegetables. Soto Semurup shares similarities with Soto Padang which consists of Soun glass noodles, perkedel (potato croquet), and slices of crispy beef dendeng. Rich in spices, the soup is best served hot to warm yourself in the cool fresh air of Kerinci and its fascinating scenery.


Kawo Water

The people of Kerinci like to collect Kawo, which is the local name for coffee sprouts, and brew these as a special beverage. What makes it special, the Kawo water is usually served in a coconut shell.

Kerinci’s people believe that Kawo water can reduce coffee addiction, prevent gout (high uric acid), prevent rheumatism, and adds body fitness. The beverage is perfect to reenergize your body after long, tiring activities.

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Culinary Specialties from Mt.Kerinci

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