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Jakarta's Inspiring Istiqlal Mosque

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Samarra Indonesian Grill

Samarra – Pasar Sate & Wine celebrates the glorious era of the beautiful ancient city of Samarra, by the River of Tigris, approximately 125kms from Baghdad.

In 833 AD, Caliph Al-Mu'tasim built a beautiful palace known as Jawsaq Al-Khaqani, occupying an area of 160 hectares. Three years after, the capital of Abbasid Caliphate was moved from Baghdad to the new city of Samarra by the Caliph. In 848, the capital of Samarra had a population of 300,000 inhabitants, whereas Paris at that time only had 30,000 as a comparison.

Address : Jl. Kebon Sirih 77, Jakarta Pusat 10340
Phone : (+62-21) 3920384
Fax : (+62-21) 3918675
: samarra@tuguhotels.com
Website : http://www.tuguhotels.com/samarra/index.html