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Jakarta's Inspiring Istiqlal Mosque

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Huize Trivelli Heritage Resto and Pattisier

HUIZE TRIVELLI Heritage Resto and Pattisier is the perfect place for the audience of the original dish cuisine Old Days. In his classic Laan Trivelli atmosphere you can enjoy the uniqueness and delicacy kulinari that from generation to generation the recipe written on our family tradition, family HUIZE TRIVELLI. In addition to delicious, all meals, drinks, and snacks in HUIZE TRIVELLI only made from quality ingredients with no preservatives.

Address : Jalan Tanah Abang Dua 108. Jakarta 10150
Phone : 021 3865803
Fax : 021 3865803
: info@huize-trivelli.com
Website : http://www.huize-trivelli.com/