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Jakarta's Inspiring Istiqlal Mosque

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Lara Jonggrang

A legend of such charisma, that reproduces itself in dreams of the owner and creator of Tugu Hotels & Exotic Spas. Following his earlier inspirations that have resulted in the indigenuously exquisite Hotel Tugu Bali, Hotel Tugu Malang (East Java), Hotel Tugu Blitar (East Java), and Dapur Babah the Babah Kitchen (Jakarta), the creator dreams of living in the ninth century-Java, surrounded by the magical beauty of the Candi Prambanan (the Prambanan Temple). A surrounding where the legend Lara Djonggrang was born...

Address : Jl. Teuku Tjik Ditiro 4, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat
Phone : (62-21) 3153252
Fax : (72-21) 316488
: laradjonggrang@tuguhotels.com
Website : http://www.tuguhotels.com/laradjonggrang/index.html